Asset Protection

Ours is a litigious society in which we never know who is going to be the target of a lawsuit. This is a result caused by more and more individuals using the legal system to take the accumulated wealth of others. It is wise to protect wealth prior to litigation claims as it is against the law to fraudulently transfer assets to avoid a creditor judgment. The idea of asset protection planning is to appear unattractive to frivolous lawsuits.

deAndrade Mangieri LLC assists clients with protecting their assets from potential creditors. Asset protection is structuring one's assets to obtain a higher degree of creditor protection. Legally proven techniques must be utilized to safeguard your assets. Examples of asset protection planning techniques include:

  • Conducting a business within a corporation or limited liability company rather than as a sole proprietorship;
  • Owning rental property within a corporation or limited liability company;
  • Using limited liability companies or family limited partnerships in a well crafted asset protection plan;
  • Domestic and offshore asset protection trusts;
  • Pre and Post nuptial agreements; and
  • Properly designing the receipt of an inheritance prior to the death of a loved one.

Asset protection planning is not evading taxes, hiding assets, or defrauding creditors. Asset protection planning is safeguarding one's assets in advance to protect against risks of being sued or the threat of a lawsuit.