Business Counsel

At deAndrade Mangieri LLC, we strive to help our clients with some of their most important decisions. Operating a business in compliance with applicable laws and minimizing exposures to unnecessary business risks can be overwhelming, but it is critical to long-term business success. Protecting your business from external and internal risks requires a thorough examination of your legal entity organization structure, internal business governance agreements, standard business contracts, non-compete covenants with key employees, intellectual property protections, tax planning strategies, and ownership and management succession planning, just to highlight a few issues. Our firm regularly assists small and medium-sized businesses with these issues and a broad range of other legal needs.

We believe every business should have competent legal counsel, but we understand businesses need to control costs, including legal fees. Our firm developed the Business Legal Counsel Plan for business clients seeking to address their ongoing legal needs while sticking to a budget. Participants in the Business Legal Counsel Plan will work with an attorney to identify your main legal needs and risks. Then our firm will work with you to develop (i) a prioritized outline of your legal needs, and (ii) a fixed monthly budget your company can control and afford. No more surprise legal bills for hundreds or thousands more than you were expecting. You control your budget and our firm will work within your annual or monthly budget to address your prioritized legal needs. Plus, the more work you need from our firm on a monthly basis, the more we will reduce our standard rates with fee discounts up to 25%.

Highlights of The Business Legal Counsel Plan:

  • Free annual legal audit to identify and prioritize your primary legal needs;
  • You and an attorney develop a timeline and a budget for addressing your prioritized legal needs;
  • Discounted billing rates based on the monthly amount of work you need from our firm;
  • Eliminates surprise legal bills by charging flat monthly legal fees based on your discounted monthly budget;
  • Guarantees our firm will not work or charge beyond your monthly budget unless you request it, and any additional work you authorize will be provided at your discounted rates;
  • Itemized monthly statements to track progress on your action timeline;
  • Regular communication and free status update phone calls;
  • No long-term commitments - you can cancel your participation at any time.

Contact deAndrade Mangieri LLC today to learn more about our Business Legal Counsel Plan and to schedule your free legal audit. Let our experienced team help you examine your business' most pressing legal issues and develop cost effective solutions that put you in better control of your legal costs.