Probate And Trust Administration

Our Firm assists families with the stressful period following the death of a loved one. The probate process involves the administration of a deceased person's estate in accordance with his or her Last Will and Testament, Trust, or in the absence of a Will or Trust, in accordance with Georgia's laws of intestacy. The Firm works with clients to ensure an efficient administration of an estate or trust. We understand the death of a family member can awaken difficult family dynamics. We help families avoid family disagreements which often damage current and future relationships.

The size of an estate, types of assets owned by the deceased, and family dynamics determine whether the administration process can be informal and straightforward or formal and complex. In either situation, deAndrade Mangieri LLC has the expertise to effectively guide you through the probate and estate and trust administration process.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

One of the goals of estate planning is to avoid a potential conservatorship or guardianship of an individual. Where an individual is unable to make decisions regarding his or her affairs due to age or incapacity, a conservator and/or guardian is appointed by the Probate Court to make financial and/or health related decisions. The conservatorship and guardianship process is often intrusive upon one's personal affairs, time consuming, and expensive. It is also avoidable with the execution of a financial power of attorney and health care directive. Where a conservatorship or guardianship proceeding is unavoidable, deAndrade Mangieri LLC effectively guides individuals and families through this difficult process.